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Android vs. iPhone Platforms

Android vs. iPhone Platforms

Android or iPhone? Consumers are confronted with this choice whenever they are deciding to purchase a new smartphone.

Which smartphone platform is the best? What should you purchase? It really depends on the features that you’re looking for, your needs and preferences.

Google’s Android platform and Apple’s iOS mobile operating system account for a vast majority of smartphones being sold in the market today. In fact, there are very few other options worth considering.

While this is an article that compares Android and iOS devices, the truth is, these two smartphone platforms have far more things in common. For one thing, both smartphones are excellent and offer great features. To help you choose, here is a comparison of their choice features:


Apple has extremely tight control over iOS phones because it is an exclusive platform. On the other hand, Google offers the Android software to other phone manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and HTC. This makes Android phones vary in quality, size, and features. Lower-end Android options have some hardware issues which iPhone models, which are generally of higher quality, never encounter. This is not to say that the iPhone doesn’t have hardware issues too, but more Android phones are prone to problems.

However, when it comes to hardware diversity, Android is available on a huge variety of hardware, which is great for people who favour bigger screens, longer battery life or even a physical keyboard.


When it comes to affordability, Android phones are much cheaper with brands such as Lenovo, HTC and Motorola selling phones under £200. Apple has always been at the top end of the market with the iPhone 8 Plus starting from about £799. The iPhone X took pricing to a whole new level, retailing from £999. Samsung’s high-end Samsung Galaxy Note9 , which runs on an Android platform, matches the pricing of Apple phones, but there are a whole variety of low-end Android models to choose from, offering equally great features.

Software Updates

When it comes to software updates, Apple’s iOS is more consistent and timely. 90% of all iOS devices are now running the latest version, while only .5% of Android 8.1 Oreo or 9.0 Pie. Software updates are important so that you can run the latest features, have security updates and bug fixes.


With Android, it is very easy to choose any theme you like because of its greater openness. With iPhone, customizations are more limited. For instance, even though you can set backgrounds in iOS, you can’t change default apps. You don’t have the same level of freedom when you’re using Android, where you can have a truly personalized look on your home screen.

Many mobile phone providers have “double your data” offers that allow customers to double their data for a lower price. It is usually offered in conjunction with Android phones and very rarely offered with iOS phones. For instance, one major UK provider offers the Huawei P smart with 4GB for the price of 2GB.

Ultimately, whether you pick Android or iOS, it would really depend on what features matter most to you as a consumer.

What operating system do you prefer ? and please let us know why and what phone you use.

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